Does Reflexology hurt?

Clients may experience some sensitivity on certain reflexes but when carried out properly by a trained therapist, a treatment will not be painful. On the contrary, as Reflexology brings about a state of relaxation most people feel calm and can fall asleep during a treatment. The pressure can also be adjusted to ensure the client is comfortable and relaxed.

Can anyone have Reflexology?

Reflexology is suitable for men, women and children of all ages. However, is it advisable not to have a Reflexology treatment if you suffer from the following conditions:

  • High grade fever
  • Gangrene
  • Contagious diseases
  • Deep-vein thrombosis

How often should you have a Reflexology treatment?

This is entirely dependent on the client. Each treatment I carry out is specifically tailored to their needs and together we would discuss a suitable treatment plan.



"As a qualified reflexologist I'm particularly fussy about receiving treatments and I can honestly say hand on heart that Zahra is up there with the best. She has something special that can't be taught, she has empathy, she doesn't just whizz through the standard routine but incorporates different techniques according to what you need (which may well change each treatment). She helped me cope with post natal depression and I wouldn't have got through it without her. In short, she's amazing!" ~ V, Kingston

"Before I went to see Zahra, I was expecting foot massage which would be painful, which was my previous experience of reflexology. I had been suffering with high stress levels and poor sleep. I found my experience of reflexology with Zahra completely the opposite of my previous experience. I actually fell asleep during treatment and felt no pain. I had a few weekly sessions with Zahra and my stress levels reduced plus I began sleeping well. Her calm manner put me at ease right away. I recommend her highly as a practitioner and plan to see her again from time to time simply to gain a sense of improved well being." ~ N., Surbiton

"I started my Reflexology treatments with Zahra at the beginning of my pregnancy & have continued the treatments throughout. Not only is Zahra very professional & the treatments relaxing, the results have worked wonders. I found the after effects of the treatments amazing. After I have a treatment I have so much more energy & for me the reflexology works so well that it stopped all my feelings of nausea & aches & pains. The feelings of wellbeing continue for quite some time after the treatment, so for me worthwhile in everyway. I would highly recommend Zahra & I know for sure that I will be continuing my treatments into the future & after the pregnancy." ~ Lisa, Surbiton

"Zahra did several Reflexology treatments for me after my carpal tunnel operation. I was amazed at how Reflexology assisted with my healing process. I fell asleep during every treatment as I felt so relaxed. Zahra enjoys giving Reflexology treatments and this is evident in her attention to detail and caring nature." ~ Sheilla, age 41,South West London

"I have suffered from headaches for several months and was recommended by a friend to have Reflexology. Zahra carried out Reflexology on me weekly and after 6 weeks I noticed that the severity and duration of my headaches reduced dramatically. Reflexology is very relaxing and I look forward to every treatment." ~ Wilson, age 30, Kensington

"I had Reflexology for the last three months of my pregnancy. Zahra was extremely professional and always made me feel very comfortable. I felt extremely relaxed after every treatment and strongly believe that Reflexology prepared me for a natural birth. I would highly recommend Zahra as a Reflexologist." ~ M. Rahman (Mother of two from Surrey)

"Zahra was fantastic - I had several sess­ions leading up to my due date to get things moving and sure enough I went into labour on my due date. The treatments were so relaxing and I really felt like we were working together to get my body ready for birth. I would recommend Zahra to anyone that's expecting and will be back for more treatments just for me in the coming year!" ~ PW, Surrey

"My first baby was 14 days late and arrived via medical induction. I wanted to avoid that with baby number 2, and so when I reached 10 days late, I booked in with Zahra, who went out of her way to accommodate me and was very sympathetic and professional. The session was wonderful and very relaxing, but also highly effective. I had my first gentle contractions during the session and went into labour that evening. I have no doubt that Zahra's reflexology was the best 'natural induction' possible!" ~ EL, Long Ditton

"I have had a few sessions with Zahra and can honestly say that the reflexology treatments I've had have made a massive difference to me. I was suffering with various aches and pains but didn't really have anything wrong with me that the GP could identify or help with.
I was nervous at the first session but Zahra helped put me at my ease and we had a long chat about what I needed help with. I reeled off a rather long but not exhaustive list of things that came to me and she very patiently listened and took notes.
After the 1st treatment I noticed an improvement in the pain in my knees and back. After the second, which was about a month later, the pain in my Achilles' tendon completely disappeared. My knees felt much stronger and didn't hurt every time I climbed the stairs and I generally just felt more balanced. I have had the knee issue and Ac­hilles' tendon pain for quite a few years and to suddenly be able to walk down the stairs in the morning without pain in my heel was an amaz­ing feeling.
I would heartily recommend Zahra as she is brilliant at what she does and is also a very warm and caring person so very easy to feel comfortable with. I will definitely be booking an appointment with her again soon."
~ NR, Surrey

"If you want a life revealing experience, book a treatment of Reflexology with Zahra. I never realised how much could be learnt about the mind and body from the toes and soles of the feet. After having had a number of treatments I will never again take my feet for granted, they contain a wealth of information about our bodies. I cannot highly recommend it enough." ~ RR, Surbiton

"I was treated by Zahra when i was pregnant and had Sinusitis. After 2 courses of antibiotics and still suffering, I decided to try something different. My treatment was so effective that I was able to take a long haul flight 3 days later. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment and the effects were fantastic. I look forward to having more treatments." ~ SN, Ewell

"I have been receiving reflexology from Zahra for almost 3 years. I first started treatment when my husband and I were trying to conceive, the treatments were really beneficial; both relaxing and invigorating and I am certain they helped towards the conception that followed. I continued with treatments throughout my pregnancy, right up to the day before I was induced and Zahra helped me both mentally and physically to prepare for labour. I still see Zahra whenever I can for relaxing treatments and to work on recurring neck and shoulder issues. I always feel better after seeing her and often float home feeling lighter. We call her 'The Magician' in our house and I wholeheartedly recommend her." ~ ED, Surbiton

"Being a long distance runner & cyclist my body takes quite a battering. I regularly have sports massages which helps but only to a point. Along with this, I have also been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which has not only been affecting my body but also my mood, training and events over the last few years.
My wife suggested I try reflexology, and being a typical man dismissed it as a load of mumbo jumbo. I eventually was persuaded to try it once and went to see Zahra. I have to say after one session I had to eat my own words. I felt totally relaxed and had the energy back I used to have a few years ago. The thing that really made me believe in reflexology, is the way zahra identified things about me and my health which I had totally forgotten to mention to her. After the session she asked me a few questions about what she had found and I was very surprised.
Now I have made reflexology with zahra part of my training regime along with the regular sports massages I used to have. I have come out of a session and the next morning gone for a run and felt like an olympic marathon runner until I look at my watch and realise I’m more of an olympic tortoise, but I have felt so good that I didn’t want to stop running. What is also great, is that she doesn’t tell you when or how often to have the treatments. She lets you and your body decide.
Thank you Zahra!"
~ HK, Putney

"I sadly only found Zahra when I was 35 weeks pregnant and I wished that I had found her early on in my pregnancy. Zahra's treatments are so relaxing and just what you need when your body is going through pregnancy. I had treatments about twice a week until I had my baby. Zahra helped me relax during such a daunting time. She also helped prepare my body for everything it was about to go through and helped with my symptoms such as water retention.
I went to see Zahra after the birth too, she was able to help with my healing process and also gave me the hour of calm that I very much needed!
The treatment room and environment is so calming, the combination of the treatment itself, the music, the comfortable chair and the soft blankets meant that I was able to feel ultimate relaxation."
~ LL, Surrey

"It is with immense gratitude, appreciation and sincerity that I write this recommendation for ZB Reflexology’s Power Reflexology treatments. Since commencing treatments with her I have experienced a profound difference in my wellbeing. The treatments have alleviated my stress and physical tension. Somehow she manages to help me relax and fall asleep during each session whilst then later able to end treatments by bringing me back to feel refreshed and breathe/move more easily." ~ ZJ, Wimbledon

"Having used other reflexologist previously, I have to say that after having a treatment with Zahra I will no longer use anyone else. I had several treatments prior to conceiving and continued throughout my pregnancy. I especially enjoyed my treatments during my pregnancy, her expert knowledge made me feel safe and secure in her capable ha­nds and I left each treatment feeling light and relaxed. Zahra has magic hands." ~ SR, Wimbledon

"I was first introduced to Zahra's amazing skills whilst suffering from an incredibly intense headache in a social setting. She saw I was in major pain and came over to speak to me and asked if she could help. Zahra took my hands in a reassuringly sympathic way and gently squeezed one of my thumbs and then the other. With the lightest of pressure, I instantly felt a shoot of intense pain that suddenly burst the bubble of pain in my head. It was immense. I went home (looking at my thumb in amazement and awe), straight to sleep and woke up on top of the world. I have since seen Zahra in her treat­ment room as a client and she works wonders for me. I have hip and lower back stiffness and her treatments on other random (to me) parts of my body unblocks these areas. But what I love most about Zahra is her ability to treat my physical pain yet make suggestions about my psychological frame of mind. It's uncanny how perceptive she is. We don't discuss them but I lie in a half sleep and consider them as she treats me. I leave her couch energised physically and mentally. I have always enjoyed 'reflexology' aka 'having my feet rubbed' but Zahra has redefi­ned this therapy for me and shown me what a truly skilled practitioner can do holistically for my bo­dy and soul. I highly recommend her for specific pain or a general MOT." ~ KR, Surrey