Reflexology During and Post Pregnancy

Reflexology can be safely performed from the second trimester onward. A treatment during pregnancy is favorable as it can:

  • Assist in balancing hormones during pregnancy
  • Be tailored specifically to help alleviate pregnancy related symptoms such as lower back pain and tiredness
  • Help prepare the client mentally, physically and emotionally for giving birth
  • Assist in the recovery process after giving birth and balance hormones

Reflexology for Infertility in Women

Infertility can be a deeply stressful condition for couples and the resulting stress can have a knock on effect, thus making it even harder to conceive. Reflexology treatments can help clients to conceive by working on the endocrine, lymphatic and reproductive systems as well as allowing the client to reach a state of deep relaxation. It is important to note that Reflexology cannot have an adverse or detrimental effect to those clients who are having fertility treatment.